Al R.

Saw Dr. B for several injuries over the past 2 years. He is a great guy and caring individual. He adjusted my back and neck and used something called shockwave on my low back and my shoulder (I had frozen shoulder surgery back in early 2011). I have not had any more back or neck pain. As for my shoulder, it was hurting a bit, especially when I sleep. It was rehabbed and I did get full range of motion back but still had some residual pain which would wake me up several times every night. The shockwave treatments on my back were a non-issue. I almost didn’t feel anything. But on my shoulder there was some tolerable discomfort. After a few treatments I have far less pain than before and I can sleep without any pain or waking up in the middle of most nights. And I drive all the way from Santa Cruz for this. Dr. B must be one of the few who use shockwave because I could not find anyone in Santa Cruz or San Jose who does this procedure. Highly recommend!!!