Anthony L.

I have been seeing Dr. Bidkaram for only 3-4 weeks, and my experience has been nothing short of transformational. Having seen my fair share of chiro’s, I can honestly say his expertise is second to none. Ulyss is exceptionally analytic and his skill is extremely high, and the Shockwave Acoustic Compression technique is nothing short of a Godsend for me and will be for anybody with range of motion issues due to injuries and sever scarring.
6 years ago, I was in a very bad accident; basically I got run over by a heavy duty trailer pulled by a pick up truck. It crushed the right side of my body and ran over my head, breaking just about everything-ribs, neck, shoulder etc. I have A LOT of damage still yet in my shoulder, significant scarring and severe compensation in my spinal system (which I did not fully realize until seeing Ulyss).
Basically, I was/am trying everything under the sun to get full recovery. I’s been a long painful journey and have worked myself back to 75% or so use of my right shoulder mostly trying things on my own and working hard on it myself at home. My doctors told me years ago I would only ever get to about 40-50%, but I refused to believe them.
So this is the amazing thing. After experiencing 4 Shockwave treatments (they do not hurt) Ulyss has been able to free up what I estimate to be about 2 years of conventional therapy. The soundwaves penetrate to layers you cannot reach from the surface, and dissolves the scar tissue. Basically he can treat areas where the damage is. NO-ONE else can do this unobtrusively.
I wish I had discovered Ulyss years ago, who knows? Maybe I could be fully recovered by now. I have more sessions to go, but he has given extreme hope lighting a path I did not know existed. My recovery thus far has been remarkable, though I still have more work to do.
As a sidebar- he looks at you whole system, it is the knee bone connected to the thigh bone kind of thing. While reviewing my shoulder, he has discovered a number of compensation issues due to my injury and has been working hard re-aligning my upper and lower bodies. I had no idea my skeletal system was so skewed and locked up prior to seeing Ulyss. Clearly I would be debilitated if I let it go unattended. His treatments have truly freed up my mobility in all areas around the spine, I feel I have grown as a result! This is the best I have felt since my injury and I think this story only gets better.