Carol S.

My name is Carol Smart and I received both chiropractic treatment and shockwave treatment from Dr. Ulyss Bidkaram. My right shoulder and tricep area had been hurting me for quite sometime. It was becoming more painful to lift my arm and to do simple movements. After the first shockwave treatment I could not believe the relief I felt. I came every 2 weeks and received a total of 6 shockwave treatments. After the 3rd treatment my shoulder/tricep area felt amazing. My movement had come back and the pain was minimal. By the time I finished my last shockwave treatment, I had no pain. It was a wonderful feeling.

Dr. Bidkaram has been great. I have been a competitive runner my whole life. Before going to Dr. B, I was working on my strength and speed training and getting nowhere. I battled with constant injury: lower back pain, shin splints and ankle pain. I had come to the point where I figured I would just have to accept that if I wanted to continue running, I would have to learn to deal with pain.

Then I was Introduced to Dr. Bidkaram who at first I was skeptical of because I have gone to other chiropractors before without results. I was happily surprised, however! Dr. B practices a holistic approach. He believes that your body can heal itself. He assessed me and found that I have a shorter anatomical leg which was causing me to have all my prior injuries. He fitted me for orthotics, worked on aligning my body and began doing shockwave therapy. This was a great combination! I don’t have any more pain in my lower back, ankle or shins even though I am running faster than ever before. The shock wave therapy, coupled with chiropractic care, improved my range of motion, reduced inflammation of my tendons, improved my circulation and reduced muscle tightness. Put simply, I run faster, harder and longer than I have ever been able to do before!

I will be running the New York Marathon Nov. 4th and I am excited because I am completely healthy and recovering faster from my training because my hips are loose and body is aligned.

I recommend him to all my clients and family members

I had a minor UCL injury in my right arm from baseball. I had heard about this shockwave therapy from a friend. After a consultation with the doctor, we concluded I needed to start the shockwave therapy combined with adjustments. 5 minutes of discomfort is a tiny price to pay compared to the results! We did a total of 7 treatments. After the first 5, I had made a 90% recovery. The next two sealed the deal. My arm is 100%, and the healing process is coming to a close. I can’t believe the recovery I have made since the end of August, and it’s now only mid October! My velocity is higher than it has ever been, and I speak nothing but great words for Dr. Bidkaram. I have mentioned it to a few of my teammates with injuries who are considering shockwave because I am living proof that it works!

As a long time avid runner, I eventually suffered from plantar fasciitis and had to stop running. I went to many doctors who prescribed medication, stretching, and massage therapy, which I found provided little relief. Then, I went for a consultation at Bay Area Pain Relief Center to see if they could treat my plantar fasciitis with shockwave therapy. The therapy provided a cost effective, non-invasive means of using low-energy sound waves to break up the scar tissue and heel spurs induced by the plantar fasciitis. During my visits with Dr. Bidkaram, he listened to how I was feeling and was focused on actually treating the injury. After a series of treatments by Dr. Bidkaram, the pain subsided within a couple months. With Dr. Bidkaram\’s shockwave therapy and chiropractic adjustments, he successfully treated my plantar fasciitis and literally got me up and running again with minimal downtime and without surgery or medication.

I started coming to Dr. Bidkaram about 6 months ago because my back was out of line and I recently injured my left elbow from playing baseball. The doctors diagnosed the issue as “Tommy John”, a slight tear in my left UCL tendon. From that moment I could not throw a baseball or any ball farther than 60 feet without it hurting. I then got in contact with Dr. Bidkaram and he introduced me to ShockWave Therapy. We talked about the procedure and my family and I were okay with doing this. I tried the treatment for 3 months, for once a week and it was very successful. Since then my arm has been 100% and I am back to throwing like I did before my injury. The ShockWave Therapy treatment cured my injury so I did not have to get surgery which was a huge relief so I could get back on the field. Not only has this Shockwave Therapy helped me, but it has also helped some of my friends with ankle, elbow, and shoulder injuries. I would definitely recommend this treatment because it can change your life in a matter of months.