Jennifer W.

Dr Bidkaram is the BEST chiropractor I have ever had. He is extremely knowledgable (Gonstead approach) and caring and very thorough. With his help, I have had relief from lower back/hip and neck/shoulder issues AND complete eradication of the calcific tendonitis in my shoulder (see below). I also highly recommend his massage therapist -LOVE HER!- before an adjustment (better than what you’d get at any fancy spa!)
A few years ago, I had an enormous (and very painful) calcification in my shoulder which caused a severe impingement in my range of motion. I went to several orthopedists and one of them gave me a computer generated list of treatment options for my calcific tendonitis which listed ESWT (shockwave therapy) as a non-invasive option. My orthopedist didn’t know much about ESWT so I researched it and found very positive outcomes in several medical journals. I could not find anyone who did ESWT, so I contacted the manufacturer of the device and they referred me to Dr Bidkaram (one of their top Doctors who uses the device.)
Though his practice is 3 hours from where I live, I was determined to avoid shoulder surgery so I traveled once a week for several weeks for ESWT with Dr. Bidkaram. It was absolutely worth it! It was non-invasive and affordable plus I experienced no side effects. Later, x-rays (and my orthopedist) confirmed the calcification was completely gone! Since then I have been able to return to swimming and I no longer have constant shoulder pain. If you research ESWT, you will find it is a very similar technology to lithrotripsy (used to break up calcium kidney stones)- and it just makes sense!!! I wish it were more widely available, but I am grateful my body has healed. SO glad I chose this over orthopedic surgery! Anyone with scar tissue/calcium deposits/calcific tendonitis in the shoulder, knee, elbow or feet should try this FIRST!