Ryan D.

Before I met Ulyss my first impression of chiropractors was negative. I viewed them as con-artists offering un-proven methods for alleviating many common health and bodily issues. Then I gave Ulyss a chance. I saw that others were vouching for him, saying that he would evaluate my situation and help explain to me what benefits could be derived from his treatment. After a very thorough and on-going education (given to me by Ulyss) I not only understand the facts of how spinal health works and the importance of joint mobility, but I have also felt the difference in my overall health with very minimal routine maintenance. Chiropractors are definitely not created equal (just like any other profession) but I believe 100% that that if its done right, and the emphasis is always on the quality of the treatment, it can be an essential key factor in human health. Ulyss is at the top of his game and I would recommend anyone to him for any situation because not only do I now know it works, but even better-he helped educate me on why!