Here are the 5 basic steps for the ESWT treatment process.

Step 1: We will identify and mark the treatment area(s).

Step 2: We apply a thin layer of coupling gel to help translate the acoustic soundwaves generated by the therapy device.

Step 3: Treatment will begin at a very low output setting, and power will increase to a level that is best suited for your condition. The output level and acoustic wave frequency rate may vary, depending on the location, depth, and type of tissue being treated.

Step 4: Once treatment has started, patients may feel a deep, dull ache similar to the condition. The output will then be adjusted according to your level of discomfort. Be sure to inform the clinician if the pain become unbearable.

Step 5:
After the treatment is completed, the coupling gel will be removed, and you can return to your normal activities. You may experience some minor aches or discomfort after treatment. It is not unusual for patients to notice flushed or reddened skin around the treatment site.