Sylvia N.

I am an amateur athlete who has been a client of Dr. B’s for over a year. His expertise, knowledge and treatments have not only helped me in my every day life physically, but as an athlete has helped me to perform better by allowing me to have greater range of motion throughout my body. It is always a treat to see Dr. B because he always greats you with a smile in his office and provides very thorough treatments and recommendations. He genuinely cares about your physical and mental well-being. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Ryan D.

Before I met Ulyss my first impression of chiropractors was negative. I viewed them as con-artists offering un-proven methods for alleviating many common health and bodily issues. Then I gave Ulyss a chance. I saw that others were vouching for him, saying that he would evaluate my situation and help explain to me what benefits could be derived from his treatment. After a very thorough and on-going education (given to me by Ulyss) I not only understand the facts of how spinal health works and the importance of joint mobility, but I have also felt the difference in my overall health with very minimal routine maintenance. Chiropractors are definitely not created equal (just like any other profession) but I believe 100% that that if its done right, and the emphasis is always on the quality of the treatment, it can be an essential key factor in human health. Ulyss is at the top of his game and I would recommend anyone to him for any situation because not only do I now know it works, but even better-he helped educate me on why!

Rachel G.

I would describe Dr. B as kind, caring, efficient, and genuine. I think he is an amazing chiropractor and friend because he truly cares for his patients and he sincerely wants to help their body, mind, and spirit.
Dr. B always asks me how I am doing before he even starts adjusting me. He really wants to know specifially what pain I feel or what symptoms I am experiencing in order for him to effectively work on me. He is effecient because he knows exactly what adjustment works best for me and how I respond to it. He is very knowlegable of the body/spine and what systems to adjust when. I can trust him and am confident that he can help my symptoms because he has proven to. Before I came to Dr. B I was in pain, suffered from panic attacks, sleeplessness, depression, and fatigue. I am now in alot less pain, sleep better, have more energy, and am alot calmer. He is reliable, trustworthy and real.

Greg N.

Dr. Bidharam is a highly skilled dedicated professional who is very passionate about his profession. He is very personable and is genuinely vested in the wellbeing of his patients.
Over the course of 6 months, my migraines went from a frequency of 4-6 per month down to 1-2. He managed to do in 6 month what Kaiser was unable to do in 6 years of drug experimentation. I also had a sciatic nerve problem that was so bad I could hardly stand. Kaiser, of course, gave me 3 different prescription that didn’t work over 6 weeks. Dr. Bidkaram fixed me up in 2 visits with no drugs.

Maureen M.

I am a patient of Dr. Bidkaram who has been treating me for a back problem. He works with me in a professional manner, which includes knowledge, compassion and respect. When he goes over procedures or x-rays with me, he explains, in, “laymans terms” so I can better understand. Dr. Bidkarem also offers various exercises to supplement his treatments. I feel that I have benefited from my sessions and would return for additional help if the opportunity presents itself again.

Don S.

For the past year and a half, I had a severe case of golfer’s elbow. I experienced a sharp pain anytime the inner side of my elbow touched the arm of a chair, a desktop, or even the mattress while sleeping. I would wake up an average of 6 times per night, every night. I tried a respite from golf for a while and icing the elbow with no improvement. I then tried alternating with hot and cold packs, still no improvement. Next I went to an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed physical therapy (which actually made it worse). The surgeon then gave me two cortisone shots over a period of time and still no improvement. His final recommendation was surgery. I really wanted to avoid surgery and decided to try acupuncture and still no improvement. Then I met Dr. Bidkaram who suggested shock wave therapy. Dr. Bidkaram is very knowledgeable on shock wave therapy and was very clear on what I should expect. After some research, I found out that it is widely used in Europe, so I decided to give it a try. Dr. Bidkaram told me that it would take 7 treatments. It is amazing! After the 4th or 5th treatment, I was sleeping through the night and my elbow was significantly less sensitive to the touch. Although Dr. Bidkaram did tell me that the healing process would continue for up to 6 months after the final treatment, my elbow was 85% better right after the last treatment. A month later and my elbow is almost completely normal! No drugs and no surgery, I am so happy!

Jennifer W.

Dr Bidkaram is the BEST chiropractor I have ever had. He is extremely knowledgable (Gonstead approach) and caring and very thorough. With his help, I have had relief from lower back/hip and neck/shoulder issues AND complete eradication of the calcific tendonitis in my shoulder (see below). I also highly recommend his massage therapist -LOVE HER!- before an adjustment (better than what you’d get at any fancy spa!)
A few years ago, I had an enormous (and very painful) calcification in my shoulder which caused a severe impingement in my range of motion. I went to several orthopedists and one of them gave me a computer generated list of treatment options for my calcific tendonitis which listed ESWT (shockwave therapy) as a non-invasive option. My orthopedist didn’t know much about ESWT so I researched it and found very positive outcomes in several medical journals. I could not find anyone who did ESWT, so I contacted the manufacturer of the device and they referred me to Dr Bidkaram (one of their top Doctors who uses the device.)
Though his practice is 3 hours from where I live, I was determined to avoid shoulder surgery so I traveled once a week for several weeks for ESWT with Dr. Bidkaram. It was absolutely worth it! It was non-invasive and affordable plus I experienced no side effects. Later, x-rays (and my orthopedist) confirmed the calcification was completely gone! Since then I have been able to return to swimming and I no longer have constant shoulder pain. If you research ESWT, you will find it is a very similar technology to lithrotripsy (used to break up calcium kidney stones)- and it just makes sense!!! I wish it were more widely available, but I am grateful my body has healed. SO glad I chose this over orthopedic surgery! Anyone with scar tissue/calcium deposits/calcific tendonitis in the shoulder, knee, elbow or feet should try this FIRST!

Dr. Ryan H.

Dr. B is wonderful. He has been treating me for 4 weeks with shockwave therapy to relieve the pain in my heel from stubborn chronic plantar fasciitis. There has been incredible improvement in this time. He is caring, thoughtful and professional. His staff is great as well. I can’t ask for better care.

Ellen B.

The best chiropractor you could ask for. Thorough and professional. Dr. B. Helped me with my spine and plantar fasciitis. I felt so much better quickly. You’ll be glad you were treated by Dr. B.

Cathy F.

Dr. Bidkaram is a very skilled chiropractor and he takes insurance which is a huge plus for me! He took my x-rays and showed me where my body was doing great and where it could use some help. The process was very straightforward. I appreciate his experience, professionalism and pragmatic approach. I was skeptical about the use of shockwaves to break up scar tissue, but it’s working! I am pleasantly surprised about that since I am generally conservative when it comes to seeking medical help.

Anthony L.

I have been seeing Dr. Bidkaram for only 3-4 weeks, and my experience has been nothing short of transformational. Having seen my fair share of chiro’s, I can honestly say his expertise is second to none. Ulyss is exceptionally analytic and his skill is extremely high, and the Shockwave Acoustic Compression technique is nothing short of a Godsend for me and will be for anybody with range of motion issues due to injuries and sever scarring.
6 years ago, I was in a very bad accident; basically I got run over by a heavy duty trailer pulled by a pick up truck. It crushed the right side of my body and ran over my head, breaking just about everything-ribs, neck, shoulder etc. I have A LOT of damage still yet in my shoulder, significant scarring and severe compensation in my spinal system (which I did not fully realize until seeing Ulyss).
Basically, I was/am trying everything under the sun to get full recovery. I’s been a long painful journey and have worked myself back to 75% or so use of my right shoulder mostly trying things on my own and working hard on it myself at home. My doctors told me years ago I would only ever get to about 40-50%, but I refused to believe them.
So this is the amazing thing. After experiencing 4 Shockwave treatments (they do not hurt) Ulyss has been able to free up what I estimate to be about 2 years of conventional therapy. The soundwaves penetrate to layers you cannot reach from the surface, and dissolves the scar tissue. Basically he can treat areas where the damage is. NO-ONE else can do this unobtrusively.
I wish I had discovered Ulyss years ago, who knows? Maybe I could be fully recovered by now. I have more sessions to go, but he has given extreme hope lighting a path I did not know existed. My recovery thus far has been remarkable, though I still have more work to do.
As a sidebar- he looks at you whole system, it is the knee bone connected to the thigh bone kind of thing. While reviewing my shoulder, he has discovered a number of compensation issues due to my injury and has been working hard re-aligning my upper and lower bodies. I had no idea my skeletal system was so skewed and locked up prior to seeing Ulyss. Clearly I would be debilitated if I let it go unattended. His treatments have truly freed up my mobility in all areas around the spine, I feel I have grown as a result! This is the best I have felt since my injury and I think this story only gets better.

Leslie W.

I had tendinitis in the Achilles heel and Dr. Bidkaram was amazing and suggested Shockwave Therapy. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. The Shockwave treatment helped me tremendously and my heel feels much better. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Shane E.

After doing CrossFit for 3 years I started to have some pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back. Just “pushing” through the workouts made things worse. After living with the pain and trying to workout with limited mobility for almost a year I started dialing back on CrossFit. My visits went from 4-5 times a week to 1-2 and then eventually 2-3 times a month.
My trainer suggested California Spine Rehab Center because his wife has had great results here. I was skeptical about Chiropractors, so it took me awhile to listen to the suggestion.
I am so glad I went to see Dr. Bidkaram. Not only is he a great guy and an extremely knowledgeable doctor. He takes the time to explain everything.
After a consultation and X-Rays – he saw exactly what needed to be done and we started on my treatments. That was about 2 months ago. Immediately I felt relief. The pressure in my lower back and the extreme pain in my shoulders and neck went about 70% away after the first treatment and they have not returned. It’s a slow road, but I have less and less pain as the weeks go by and my mobility is returning. I can get down into a back squat, squat cleans don’t hurt anymore and upper body movements like pull ups and hand stand push ups do not give me migraines. I still have a ways to go to win back the weight loss and recover my strength. But I would not even be able to do so without Dr. Bidkaram.
My daughter has lower back pain, and I am going to trust her back to Dr. Bidkaram.

Al R.

Saw Dr. B for several injuries over the past 2 years. He is a great guy and caring individual. He adjusted my back and neck and used something called shockwave on my low back and my shoulder (I had frozen shoulder surgery back in early 2011). I have not had any more back or neck pain. As for my shoulder, it was hurting a bit, especially when I sleep. It was rehabbed and I did get full range of motion back but still had some residual pain which would wake me up several times every night. The shockwave treatments on my back were a non-issue. I almost didn’t feel anything. But on my shoulder there was some tolerable discomfort. After a few treatments I have far less pain than before and I can sleep without any pain or waking up in the middle of most nights. And I drive all the way from Santa Cruz for this. Dr. B must be one of the few who use shockwave because I could not find anyone in Santa Cruz or San Jose who does this procedure. Highly recommend!!!

Yvette P.

I was referred to Dr. Bidkaram by a few people that work at my local gym. In October of 2010, I injured my lower back from doing heavy squats. I had the most difficulty sitting, driving, lying down, and even standing. Every sneeze, cough, bump on the road would make my lower back spasm and the pain would gravitate down to my glutes. Let’s just say I was in constant pain ALL THE TIME. One morning, I tried rolling out of bed and fell right to the ground thinking I was paralyzed. I remembered receiving the business card to see Dr. Bidkaram from the manager at the gym. I recall how dead serious his face looked when handing me that card. He made him sound like a modern witch doctor. His words were, ” I swear by him. He does things that completely blow your mind. He doesn’t do basic chiropractic things, he’s thorough, knows his stuff and does x rays at different angles. If your back is as messed up as it is, go to him. I’ve been going there and he is awesome. ” ok, I was sold. I HAD to meet this guy. When I finally did…oh my goodness, NICEST and most GENUINE person. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but asks you questions and allows YOU to explain how you feel, or what hurts, or where you feel sore or pain. He isn’t the cocky doctor who will diagnose you based on general complaints and call it a day. After the very thorough initial exam with xrays, Dr. Bidkaram would literally mark areas on the xray while explaining and educating me about my spine. He also discovered that I was born with an anatomically shorter leg by approximately 7mm. He sought out to make steady adjustments to improve my quality of life. Each week, I found improvements within my lower back and its mobility. It turned out I had fractured my 4th and 5th lumbar. Dr. B, as I call him has greatly improved my overall skeletal frame and made my lower back stronger than it has ever been. Im back deadlifting 245 lbs because of his compassion, skills, talent, knowledge, I can go on and on. He will always make time for You and will address all your concerns. Id recommend him to anyone even if you’re not injured. Seeing him will improve your overall physical health.THANK YOU DR B!!

Carol S.

My name is Carol Smart and I received both chiropractic treatment and shockwave treatment from Dr. Ulyss Bidkaram. My right shoulder and tricep area had been hurting me for quite sometime. It was becoming more painful to lift my arm and to do simple movements. After the first shockwave treatment I could not believe the relief I felt. I came every 2 weeks and received a total of 6 shockwave treatments. After the 3rd treatment my shoulder/tricep area felt amazing. My movement had come back and the pain was minimal. By the time I finished my last shockwave treatment, I had no pain. It was a wonderful feeling.

Dr. Bidkaram has been great. I have been a competitive runner my whole life. Before going to Dr. B, I was working on my strength and speed training and getting nowhere. I battled with constant injury: lower back pain, shin splints and ankle pain. I had come to the point where I figured I would just have to accept that if I wanted to continue running, I would have to learn to deal with pain.

Then I was Introduced to Dr. Bidkaram who at first I was skeptical of because I have gone to other chiropractors before without results. I was happily surprised, however! Dr. B practices a holistic approach. He believes that your body can heal itself. He assessed me and found that I have a shorter anatomical leg which was causing me to have all my prior injuries. He fitted me for orthotics, worked on aligning my body and began doing shockwave therapy. This was a great combination! I don’t have any more pain in my lower back, ankle or shins even though I am running faster than ever before. The shock wave therapy, coupled with chiropractic care, improved my range of motion, reduced inflammation of my tendons, improved my circulation and reduced muscle tightness. Put simply, I run faster, harder and longer than I have ever been able to do before!

I will be running the New York Marathon Nov. 4th and I am excited because I am completely healthy and recovering faster from my training because my hips are loose and body is aligned.

I recommend him to all my clients and family members

I had a minor UCL injury in my right arm from baseball. I had heard about this shockwave therapy from a friend. After a consultation with the doctor, we concluded I needed to start the shockwave therapy combined with adjustments. 5 minutes of discomfort is a tiny price to pay compared to the results! We did a total of 7 treatments. After the first 5, I had made a 90% recovery. The next two sealed the deal. My arm is 100%, and the healing process is coming to a close. I can’t believe the recovery I have made since the end of August, and it’s now only mid October! My velocity is higher than it has ever been, and I speak nothing but great words for Dr. Bidkaram. I have mentioned it to a few of my teammates with injuries who are considering shockwave because I am living proof that it works!

As a long time avid runner, I eventually suffered from plantar fasciitis and had to stop running. I went to many doctors who prescribed medication, stretching, and massage therapy, which I found provided little relief. Then, I went for a consultation at Bay Area Pain Relief Center to see if they could treat my plantar fasciitis with shockwave therapy. The therapy provided a cost effective, non-invasive means of using low-energy sound waves to break up the scar tissue and heel spurs induced by the plantar fasciitis. During my visits with Dr. Bidkaram, he listened to how I was feeling and was focused on actually treating the injury. After a series of treatments by Dr. Bidkaram, the pain subsided within a couple months. With Dr. Bidkaram\’s shockwave therapy and chiropractic adjustments, he successfully treated my plantar fasciitis and literally got me up and running again with minimal downtime and without surgery or medication.

I started coming to Dr. Bidkaram about 6 months ago because my back was out of line and I recently injured my left elbow from playing baseball. The doctors diagnosed the issue as “Tommy John”, a slight tear in my left UCL tendon. From that moment I could not throw a baseball or any ball farther than 60 feet without it hurting. I then got in contact with Dr. Bidkaram and he introduced me to ShockWave Therapy. We talked about the procedure and my family and I were okay with doing this. I tried the treatment for 3 months, for once a week and it was very successful. Since then my arm has been 100% and I am back to throwing like I did before my injury. The ShockWave Therapy treatment cured my injury so I did not have to get surgery which was a huge relief so I could get back on the field. Not only has this Shockwave Therapy helped me, but it has also helped some of my friends with ankle, elbow, and shoulder injuries. I would definitely recommend this treatment because it can change your life in a matter of months.