Rachel G.

I would describe Dr. B as kind, caring, efficient, and genuine. I think he is an amazing chiropractor and friend because he truly cares for his patients and he sincerely wants to help their body, mind, and spirit.
Dr. B always asks me how I am doing before he even starts adjusting me. He really wants to know specifially what pain I feel or what symptoms I am experiencing in order for him to effectively work on me. He is effecient because he knows exactly what adjustment works best for me and how I respond to it. He is very knowlegable of the body/spine and what systems to adjust when. I can trust him and am confident that he can help my symptoms because he has proven to. Before I came to Dr. B I was in pain, suffered from panic attacks, sleeplessness, depression, and fatigue. I am now in alot less pain, sleep better, have more energy, and am alot calmer. He is reliable, trustworthy and real.