Yvette P.

I was referred to Dr. Bidkaram by a few people that work at my local gym. In October of 2010, I injured my lower back from doing heavy squats. I had the most difficulty sitting, driving, lying down, and even standing. Every sneeze, cough, bump on the road would make my lower back spasm and the pain would gravitate down to my glutes. Let’s just say I was in constant pain ALL THE TIME. One morning, I tried rolling out of bed and fell right to the ground thinking I was paralyzed. I remembered receiving the business card to see Dr. Bidkaram from the manager at the gym. I recall how dead serious his face looked when handing me that card. He made him sound like a modern witch doctor. His words were, ” I swear by him. He does things that completely blow your mind. He doesn’t do basic chiropractic things, he’s thorough, knows his stuff and does x rays at different angles. If your back is as messed up as it is, go to him. I’ve been going there and he is awesome. ” ok, I was sold. I HAD to meet this guy. When I finally did…oh my goodness, NICEST and most GENUINE person. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but asks you questions and allows YOU to explain how you feel, or what hurts, or where you feel sore or pain. He isn’t the cocky doctor who will diagnose you based on general complaints and call it a day. After the very thorough initial exam with xrays, Dr. Bidkaram would literally mark areas on the xray while explaining and educating me about my spine. He also discovered that I was born with an anatomically shorter leg by approximately 7mm. He sought out to make steady adjustments to improve my quality of life. Each week, I found improvements within my lower back and its mobility. It turned out I had fractured my 4th and 5th lumbar. Dr. B, as I call him has greatly improved my overall skeletal frame and made my lower back stronger than it has ever been. Im back deadlifting 245 lbs because of his compassion, skills, talent, knowledge, I can go on and on. He will always make time for You and will address all your concerns. Id recommend him to anyone even if you’re not injured. Seeing him will improve your overall physical health.THANK YOU DR B!!